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“it’s dead!” “no it isn’t!” “yes it is!” “is it?” (96)

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Back in August of last year (can’t believe I’m saying “last year”) I posted on Wired magazine’s article proclaiming the death of the Web (found here).  At that time I questioned “Could the web really be dead?”  I didn’t think so, and neither did the authors when you got right down to it, but it caught my attention as something worthy of comment.

Well, the folks down at MIT apparently didn’t buy this eulogy either.  In the December issue of Technology Review, Bobbie Johnson’s article “The Web is Reborn” explains how HTML5 creates a web that is more full of vim and vigor than the first day it came into existence.  So why would one group of people declare the death of the web and another declare it’s rebirth, all within a matter of 5 months?