The Concept

What’s Next?

Well, I did not make my 260 posts in 365 days, and you know what, I’m OK with that.  I did make 111+ (I still have time to get one or two more in before the May 1st deadline) and I think . . . no, I KNOW I’m OK with that.  I’ve learned that it’s not about the quantity, but rather the quality.  And hey, sometimes the quality ain’t great either, but it’s a body of knowledge that I did not have before I began this project.  And I look forward to continuing.  I know I’ll NEVER be able to get 260 posts in one year.  I’m not completely sure what I was thinking at the time.  Had my life not changed drastically, I believe I could have made it.  That being said, I will continue on with my blog because it is important and vital to me.  I have learned a lot producing it and I imagine I’ll continue to learn.

What Was I Thinking

Ok, if you choose to read the sections below this one, it is totally on you; I have warned you.  What follows this section would put the Pope to sleep, and I hear he reads some pretty dry stuff.  In my defense, something or someone inhabited my body the day I wrote that load of crap.

Well, it’s not total crap, I mean I am doing what I said I would, but could I have said it any more boringly?  Seriously, what the hell happened to my voice??  I’m telling you, a body snatching took place that day, and apparently it lasted for a month or so.  Those Pre-Project Posts are pretty dry as well.

Here’s the deal, my intentions for this project are sincere, but I am not one of these folks who writes with a straight academic voice.  I do it when I have to, but why should I have to here??  This is MY BLOG, MY PROJECT, I will not be fettered by some preconceived idea in my pea brain of how I SHOULD write.  That ain’t me.  I’m bout as simple as they come and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, the project officially began on the 1st of May, and by the 2nd of May, I realized I still had a voice uniquely my own.  No one has to like it, no has to read it, but maybe you’ll be amused if you decide to give it a whirl.

As Pooh would say, “Oh Bother.”

The Purpose

What am I doing you may ask.  Well, it’s quite simple; I am trying to encourage myself and others to continue the in depth learning experiences we have while in graduate school.  I have found that I am not reading nearly as much as I did while in grad school, and this is doing an injustice to myself and to my students. How can I be an effective mentor, colleague, or instructor if I do not continue pushing myself to learn.

This is not to say that I do not learn something every single day because I do. But I’m not immersing myself into the theory and the readings that I did while I was in grad school, and I don’t like that.  So this site (really the blog) is to talk about my journey as I begin this project.

The How

In the beginning, my post will mainly be about thinking through this process.  I hope that people will have suggestions for me on things to read, and once the project begins, I hope they will comment on my interpretations of my reading and enter into a dialogue with me and hopefully others about these readings.

Once the project begins officially, I will read at least one article or one chapter 260 days out of 365.  This gives me 5 out of 7 days a week to read.  This does not mean that I won’t read on weekends or 7 days out of 7 some weeks, but I will have at least 105 days to help digest my learning.

Join Me

I encourage people to join me in this process.  Once the project begins, I will post what I will be reading for that week.  Read the article along with me and then comment on my interpretation.  Learning with others is always funner than learning alone.  Make suggestions of things I should read given my interests.  Just encourage me if nothing else.  However you would like to become involved, I encourage you to join me in this challenge.  And Thanks in advance.