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A friend asked me recently when and why I got into comics. I waited for a response; my brain, seemingly stumped by the question, soon kicked into overdrive, trying to come up with an answer. Internally, on a separate channel, I kept thinking “this should be easy”.  After what seemed an eternity, I bought time by saying the obvious thing about reading comics as a kid and that my favorite was The Hulk.

picture of The Incredible Hulk, Issue 1

Issue 1

This was true, but I don’t remember how long I stayed with comics as a kid. I began reading novels in the fourth grade, and I think comics soon became a thing of my past.  On that particular day, I don’t believe I ever came up with a satisfying answer for either me or my friend.  But I have continued to think about it, and I believe I finally remember what spurred me back into comics and how it blossomed from that.

The year was 2007.  I was one of those late comers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, never having watched it while it was actually on tv, but once I started watching reruns, I couldn’t get enough.  I mourned the fact that it had been canceled back in 2003.  Then one day, a colleague of mine mentioned that she’d heard they were coming out with a new comic book, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight that continued the story.

picture of issue one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight

Issue 1

Well, if you can’t bring the series back, seemed to me the next best thing was a comics book, and so I started buying those comics.  Unfortunately, being a graduate student soon took precedence and money over comics and I had to forgo buying them.That, however, was enough to spur my interest in comics again.  I bought the 8 issue series of Fray, also a Josh Whedon creation, and started picking up older comics, such as Pinky and the Brain when I ran across them.  After completing my PhD and securing a job, I started slowly entering back into the world of comics.  Luckily for me, DC Comics began their New 52 series last year, and it has enabled me to immerse myself into several new characters and not feel left behind.  This has inspired me to seek out new series and give them a try.  Currently I spend way more money than I should each week on comics, but I tell myself it’s all for research.  To a degree, that is true, but if push came to shove, I’d continue buying comics with or without a research interest.

picture of Batwoman, Issue 1A

Issue 1A

Many future post will be on a new series from DC entitled Batwoman.  This is her first series, and so far it has NOT been disappointing.  I will be doing a several parts blog on the character of Kate Kane and what she means to the GLBTQ community.

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