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DC Yanks the Emergency Brake & Derails Kate Kane (aka Batwoman’s) Love Life

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Batwoman and Maggie SawyerIt was the kiss that rocked DC Comics Universe/s and kept LGBTQ comic fans coming back for more, waiting to see what would happen next. Well, now we know, and as usual when it comes to DC’s forward thinking universes, we are left sorely disappointed, yet again.

After so many well told Batwoman Stories, writers J. H. Williams, III and W. Haden Blackman are calling it quits on the series as of December and leaving DC to deal with the backlash that is certain to happen. I’m left wondering what will become of yet another Batwoman character? Until 2009, when Greg Rucka (W) and J. H. Williams, (III) (A) revived the character in a meaningful way, Batwoman had always been a second rate super heroine, always playing second fiddle to another main character’s story line. In the 50s & 60s she was Batman’s reason for NOT being gay, and in 2006 she was Rene Montoya’s (the Question) side kick. It never ends well for Batwoman when she’s paired with egotistical super heroes, but there was hope this time that Batwoman/Kate would find happiness in a world full of corruption and evil.

After reading the news last night, however, all hopes for Batwoman’s happily ever after are dashed. Here’s the thing, why? Why will the editors at DC not allow this marriage to happen? Everyone knows that Gotham mirrors New York, and DC’s main headquarters . . . New York. Last I knew same-sex marriage was legal in New York, so why not Gotham? But of course that’s not how this will end. They won’t have the balls to be honest in the comic and have the characters deal with the inequality of marriage when it comes to homosexuals. Truth be told, I don’t expect it will be dealt with at all. I really don’t expect the series to continue without Williams and Blackman. If DC decides to bring new writers on board for the series, I don’t expect it to last long. Batwoman has flourished with the exceptional writing of these two guys, but she does not have a history that will allow her to continue without them. She simply does not have what Batman, or any other main stay character does. She’s been brutally stabbed to death, stabbed in the heart yet again, but survived, and beaten and bruised since her inception in 1956. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her go the way of previous Batwoman characters.

Bottom line here is that I’m angry. I’m angry that DC accepted the GLAAD award back in 2012, I’m angry that they got all the attention they did for introducing the first mainstream transgender character in Batgirl (which they’ve not really done anything with, by the way), and I’m angry that they would make such a stupid decision like this one. It seems to me that DC has been making a lot of bad decisions of late when it comes to their approach to equality (having Orson Scott Card write a Superman story comes to mind). I now have to decide whether or not I’m willing to quit the DC universe completely to protest such bad decisions.

What do Charles Dickens and Zombies have in common?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

At first glance, one might scoff and say emphatically “NOTHING”!  Before yesterday, I’m confident my response would have been the same.  Today, however, I know that they do indeed have a connection, and not just a tangential one.  While in the comic shop yesterday perusing some of DC Comics new 52 editions, I espied a title that is and has been for years, very familiar and especially dear to me, but there was something different about it.

Picture of the title "Christmas Carol


When was the last time you wrote in Cursive?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I know this is a bit of a strange topic, but I got to thinking about cursive writing this morning as I was writing in my journal.  That started me wondering how many people out there still write in cursive?  And if you do, when do you write in cursive?  Is it only for special occasions or all the time?  (more…)

final class . . . finally . . . thanks to Joy

Monday, August 1st, 2011

So the one picture I lost when my camera got stolen that I most regretted was my final class’s picture from the English Summer Program at Shandong University.  Thanks to another instructor, Joy, who also had this class, I am now able to feature their photo here. Thanks to all of the students who participated in this summer program.  Many of them were required to be there and thus lost out on a month of their summer vacation, but they participated fully and hopefully had some fun doing so.

This is a picture of my fifth and final class at Shandong University

Joy if pictured front and middle. The rest are the students


life as a Orc Warrior / Blood Elf Hunter . . . wait . . . WHAT?

Friday, May 27th, 2011
Picture of Zalon and Pet in WOW

Zalon in the realm of Eitrigg

It’s true.  Some would say I have crossed over into the dark side, now spending more time as a horde character in World of Warcraft (WOW) than I spend as Zoe in Second Life.  And I won’t say that my experiences thus far have been exemplar.  In fact, I no longer get to spend a great deal of time as Vrigka, the Orc Warrior, because Blizzard does not make it clear that they NEVER get rid of characters, even on trial accounts that have not been played in nearly a year.  So when I started my second trial account, I named my character the same as before and “thought” I was entering the same realm, Eitrigg, as before as a PVE (player versus environment) character.  It took a few crashes of the program and lots of emails between myself and the game master before the truth of the matter came to light.  My character had been created as a PVP (player versus player) in a completely different realm than the rest of my class was playing in.  NO WONDER I kept getting players requesting to battle me.  Many seemed quite indignant when I would refuse, going so far as to ask in open chat why I wouldn’t duel them. (more…)